Submitted to CRE in Aprill


Like the other missionary groups, G.E.M. was exciting for the year. In December Brother David and Sister Stephanie Hasselman agreed to sacrifice the life and family they know here, to live in Germany for a year. They are now back in the land of Zion, sharing the many testimonies they received while working as missionaries. They heeded the call that is found in Matthew 28:18, Go ye therefore into all nations...

They provided ministry to the two families and many friends we have there as well as making a feiv new contacts. While there were no baptisms, our ministry base is still growing. The war in Iraq is impacting the ministry in Germany in a negative way.
As we strive to bring ministry- to Europe, we find God is still opening doors for us. The latest is a brother in England. As a former LDS Mormon member, he has now embraced the restoration Gospel and is in contact with the Seventy and GEM. We believe GEM plays a vital roll in helping spread the gospel into the entire world. It is wonderful that God al­lows us to help spread the gospel message where He opens doors. May we be ever prayerful and humble as we continue to serve Him.

Dale Carrick, Secretary